Wooden & Plastic Crowd Control Stanchions

Stanchions made up from wood are often used for outdoor decorative purpose. For example, holding up the walls of a porch or to help strengthen lamp posts or for supporting a large flag. At some locations, telephone poles are often backed by these stanchions. Metal bars and poles are often used to support tents, awnings, adjustable porch covers and even the aforementioned walls in certain structures.

In many cases, the metallic rods and poles withstand more force from the outside than most other materials. They are more famous than other materials as far as a reinforcement goes. Stanchions made up from plastic are used for supporting light weight structure. They are often painted to match their surroundings. All of the above mentioned types of stanchions are secured with bolts, brackets, glues or screws.  You can also browse this site for more info regarding stanchions.

Plastic and wood are most likely to contract and expand with changing weather conditions. Therefore weighing the pros and cons of each material is essential before making your final decision.

One famous use of these strengtheners and poles is to create barriers, either temporary or permanent. The belted systems in order to create a fine line at the bank or at the airport at the ticket lines are busy or barriers at the amusement parks are included in the description of what a stanchion can really do.

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