What is a Dash Cam and why you should install it?

Are you one of those who are very fond of driving? Bring an experienced driver, you make sure that you adhere to driving rules such as avoiding red light jump, never going beyond the speed limit or avoiding taking phone calls while driving. Let’s face it. All of us must have had met with an accident while cycling, walking or driving. There are people who do not show concern about other’s lives and as a result, it leads to accidents. If you have been a victim of road rage which could have proved to be fatal to you, then you should certainly go for a dash cam.

If you are not aware of what a dash cam is, here is its overview:

A dash cam is a dashboard camera, car DVR, car camera or an accident recorder, but the fact cannot be disregarded that they record a lot more than just accidents. Dash cameras are equipped to the front and sometimes at the rear end of the vehicle. These cameras can record anything without a pause. With this amazing piece of gadget, the drivers can ensure that everything will be recorded in case a mishap happens. They are loaded with multiple recording modes and also have a built-in GPS system that shows the speed and location of the vehicle.

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