The best whale shark experience in Cebu

Interest and curiosity are most of the time the reason why there are more and more foreign travelers or non-local guests coming in to places that they have never been before. Places which have their interest over a place and the things that it offers rather than the beauty it has or have. Again and again, the region or province of Cebu has always been on top of its neighboring provinces with regards to tourist destinations. There may be other places more beautiful than Cebu but, it cannot take or cover the fact that the place has more exciting and thrilling activates available for them explore and experience it firsthand.

Whale shark watching and Kawasan falls day adventure are the very common things that is always seen in every tourist’s checklist and or their itinerary. The things that most others always wanted to try whenever they get the chance to visit the province of Cebu. The place is blessed with natural waters wherein the gentle giants of the sea were able to adopt to the condition of it thus more of them coming in to stay along the shores of Cebu. Kawasan falls adventure on the other hand is an activity wherein their physique and patience will be tested as they traverse their way from point A to point B, and spend the rest of the tour.

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