How Is Age Related To Sciatica And Its Treatment

Back pain is very common nowadays and also its types. Back pain occurs because of various different reasons.  Sciatica is being one of them. Sciatica is a term referred to the pain that is experienced in the sciatic nerve which is originated from the roots nerves of the spine, travels through the buttocks, up to the back of the legs, calf, till the foot. Aging is a natural phenomenon which one cannot control.

With aging comes to its effects and impacts that we have on our body especially spine. The muscle becomes weaker with age and more lethargic. Some symptoms are there like neck pain, sciatica nerve pain, and back pain. Some have disc diseases like disc degenerative disease, herniated disc, spinal stenosis etc. Some faces joints problems which make walking and any kind of movement difficult. A few example are arthritis, osteoarthritis spondylosis etc.

Sciatica is an outcome of at least one or more than one of the many above mentioned symptoms and causes. Basically, sciatica can be described as the disc in between the vertebral bodies is out of position and is creating issues and irritating the nerve roots, i.e. the sciatic nerve, also the largest nerve in the body.

Sciatica nerve pain is just one of the symptoms for diagnosing the root cause of the problem in the area. It mostly affects only one side of the body and is experienced as a discomfort in the buttocks or behind knee and leg to even disabling level of pain. The sensation one feels with sciatica is that of weakness, numbness, burning or tingling sensation. Sometimes, loss of feeling, a lot of weakness and even loss of function can be a consequence of sciatica and in such condition, an expert must be consulted for the best sciatica treatment.

Age –progressive issues such as arthritis, osteoarthritis, are all issues because of our sedentary lifestyles and our attempt to strengthen the primary and secondary curvatures of the spine. They all are related to aging combines with muscle atrophy. Aging makes us muscle weaken and puts pressure on the muscle as we tend to stand erect, thus making cervical and lower back muscles to be under tremendous stress and pressure.

The various discs or the gaps between the bones which help in supporting the curves of our spine and joints gets weak thus creating pain and issues of nerves and back. All these issues put pressure on the sciatic nerve, which is located at the lower back, thus leading to its symptoms.

Back solutions clinic has come up with the best sciatica nerve treatment proceses, which are helpful in future as well when one age. If a person is looking for long-term relief than laser surgery is opted for them. Other many other non-surgical sciatica treatments are available, which are:

  • Ice and heat therapy- Ice reduces inflammation and swelling of the affected area and heat increases blood flow and provides essential nutrients flow and removes toxins out thus relieving pain.
  • Massages – Various body, nerve, and muscle relaxing massages are being performed by experts to provide pain relief, and makes body calm and relax.
  • Exercises – Various stretching and core strengthening exercises are done to make muscles flexible and injury free and also stretching open the nerves for blood flow.
  • Medications.