Different Types Of Bar Equipments

There are far more equipment and bar accessories behind the average bar than people may think and when it comes to stocking a bar with bar tools and accessories it is all too simple to forget some of the essentials that are required.

But a poorly equipped bar will not be able to run properly. So here are some of the essential accessories that should be used in every bar. You can visit this website if you are interested in cocktail accessories.

Some Essential Bar Tools

Spirit Measure: Necessary unless you want annoyed customers or wasted stock. The best way out for anymore is the optic spirit measures which are more rapidly to use.

Bar trays: Unless you want your staff to spend all their time mopping up spills it is important to ensure you have enough bar trays.

Shakers and blenders: These are a necessity in most modern bars for cocktails and mixed drinks.

Cork/screw Extractor: These are another important tool, otherwise you’ll struggle serving wine if you can’t get the cork out.

Wine measures:  You should have measured glasses to get some measures for wine.

Bottle opener: As necessary as a corkscrew. Most bars sell far more bottles than they used to so it’s probably wise to make sure you have plenty of bottle openers.

Cocktail accessories: Stirrers, straws and garnish such as umbrellas. Cocktails are having a renaissance so make sure you are stocked up with cocktail accessories.

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