Decorating In Style With Glass

Over the years, many techniques have surfaced in the creation of fused glass art, giving method to a wide range of beautiful and intriguing results.

To produce fused glass, an experienced craftsman must place glass in just a kiln at temperatures which range from 1,099 degrees Fahrenheit to 1,501 degrees Fahrenheit. The techniques used to fuse the glass generally fall within three categories and supply the craftsman a bunch of options when creating their artwork.

The very first of these techniques is named slumping. By utilizing the lower ranges of temperatures necessary to fuse glass (1100º to 1250º F), the glass softens and bends within the contours of whatever is underneath of it. The temperature determines just how much of a curve the glass is allowed to follow, with more heat imparting a more elastic nature to the glass and permitting more compound curves.

The kiln master can either start using a mold wherein the glass slumps under a unique weight to create the shaped end result or the free fall slumping technique, where the molds for this kind of slumping are consists of a band that enables the glass to fall through the opening in the middle, which in turn forms a bowl. If you want, you can hop over to to get all the information on pottery wheel classes.

The 2nd technique referred to as tack fusing uses temperatures in the mid-range of 1250º-1350ºF. For tack fusing, multiple bits of glass can be fused together and never having to warm up the whole item to a place that it changes shape. The smaller items warm up quicker compared to carrier piece, allowing brief increases in temperature.

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